UC Santa Cruz Student Housing West Recycled Water (Heller)

Santa Cruz, California
PO Box 94154
Seattle , Wa 98124
Innovative recycled water system serving the Heller Site of Student Housing West campus expansion at UC Santa Cruz. The system is foundational to helping the project achieve UCSC’s aggressive sustainability goals.

Serving the Heller Site of UC Santa Cruz’s $500M Student Housing West campus expansion, the innovative recycled water system will collect, treat and reuse 100% of the wastewater generated from the development.  Recycled water will be used to supply 100% of non-potable water uses, including toilets and irrigation, helping the system to achieve the project’s net-zero water goal.

Public Private Partnership (P3) Delivery

The system is being financed, developed and managed through a long-term public-private partnership (P3) between UC Santa Cruz and Puttman Infrastructure, Inc.

Visit the project website for more information:  www.ucscstudenthousingwest.org

News & Service Updates

  • Utility currently under development.