Case Study

Jordan Downs

Los Angeles, California
Through an innovative public-private partnership, Puttman Infrastructure helped to transform Jordan Downs into one of the most sustainable public housing developments in the U.S.

Jordan Downs is a $1.5B redevelopment of the Jordan Downs public housing development in Watts, CA with an aggressive net-zero energy and water strategy. Puttman is delivering sustainable infrastructure systems through a public-private partnership with the vertical developers (Bridge/Michaels), City of LA, and LA Dept. of Water and Power. Puttman is the infrastructure development partner for Jordan Downs Community Partners, a partnership between Bridge Housing, Michaels Development, and the Housing Authority of California. As “owner’s representative,” Puttman is responsible for implementing over $150M in infrastructure improvements including streets, utilities, parks and open space, and sustainable infrastructure systems.

Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Sustainable infrastructure systems include district water and renewable energy. Puttman will finance, develop, and operate the district water system by establishing a neighborhood-scale wastewater treatment and reuse utility, the first of its kind in Los Angeles.

Renewable Energy (Solar PV)

Puttman also developed a unique solar PV delivery model for residential and commercial buildings to drive down construction costs while maximizing local incentives. Puttman will select local, design/build solar contractors to support implementation and long-term operations.